Price list

Lash Extensions - New  Volume  Set 

Lite Set  2-3D  $150

Medium Set  3-4D  $170

Heavy Set 4-6D $190

New Set Deposit  $50*

*New set prices include the deposit amount. New set price is payable less the deposit amount after the appointment

2D - 4D Infills

30 minute infill $45

45 minute infill $70

1 hr infill $80

1.15 hr infill $95

1.30 hr infill $110

5D - 6D Infills

30 minute infill $50

45 minute infill $80

1 hr infill $95

1.15 hr infill $110

1.30 hr infill $120

After Care Products

Makeup Remover $18

Foaming Lash Cleanser $20

Removal  $30

No Show & Late Cancellation Fee  $30

* Please allow up to 1.5 - 2 hours for a new set of lash extensions.

Teeth Whitening

Session one $150 (see notes at the bottom of the paragraph) 

Ideal for lighter shade teeth or the ultimate touch up.

Session two $180

​Ideal for darker teeth shades.

Session three $210

Ideal for darker teeth shades (cigarette smokers/coffee drinkers)

De-sensitising gel $10 

For longer lasting whitening teeth 

* If your teeth start to become sensitive during your session, the session will be stopped and the amount will be charged as to what session you finish at. 

*Following your first treatment we recommend booking your next appointment to make sure your white smile stays white for as long as possible.



Want to have more confidence in yourself?
 The advantages? Semi-permanent lashes are placed directly onto each and individual lash. They come in all various lengths and thickness adding that divine fullness and extra length. 
Extensions are a 24 hour wear. They are worn during sleep, showering and swimming. 
They are completely weightless and there is no need for mascara!
Do not use oil cleansers. Excessive exposure to oil can weaken the adhesive bond.
Do not get them wet or be anywhere around steam for 24 hours. It takes 24 hours for the adhesive to completely set.
Eyelash extensions may last between two weeks to six weeks, depending on each individuals lash cycle and hair growth. As hair grows out, it cycles and falls out naturally, thus shredding the extension with it.
Do not use mascara - trust me you won't need it!

Teeth Whitening

Have you always wanted your teeth whitened for a price that is affordable?
Now it's possible!
The advantages? It whitens your natural teeth, it's pain free and it can be re applied after 24 hours if there is no sensitivity.

How it works?

At first we measure your initial shade, then at the end we measure your final shade to see how many shades lighter you got.

But there’s no way to predict how many shades lighter your teeth will get beforehand.

The whitening process removes stains that we all accumulate over the years from coffee, tea, juice, wine, soda, fruits and berries, sauces, salads etc.

Teeth whitening results cannot be predicted!

The final shade is your natural tooth colour, which is different for everyone. 2-7 shades lighter is expected.



What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extension is the process of individually gluing 1-6 synthetic lashes to 

one of your natural lashes for added length, thickness and curl using 

specialty lash glue.


Everyone has a natural lash cycle, where your natural lashes fall out and 

regrow within a 6 week period. Due to your natural lash cycle, you will need 

to get your lashes infilled around every 3 weeks.


At Blush & Ivory we only install volume lashes. These are also

known as 3D lashes or Russian.

Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

Simply - no.


When properly applied you can get lash extensions indefinitely without any 

damage to your natural lashes. Properly applied lashes are not 

uncomfortable and the wearer should not be aware of them. We 

customises the lash length and curl applied - taking into consideration your 

age, condition of your natural lashes, your lifestyle, eye shape, nationality, 

the amount of natural lashes you have, and the look you are after.


DO NOT remove your lash extensions by pulling them out! We use a gel remover specifically designed to safely remove lash extensions without damaging your natural lashes.


Qualified and skilled technicians will not glue the lashes to your lid, miss the lashes in the inner and outer corners, over extend your lashes, clump lashes together, use excessive amounts of glue, use unsterilized tools, or glue the lashes in different directions. 



What Are Lash Extensions Made Out Of?

There are three commonly used lash extension products on the market: Siberian Mink, Faux Mink & Silk.


Siberian Mink is a natural product made from real mink fur. Blush & Ivory does not offer Siberian Mink due to the method of harvesting - we is against animal cruelty.


Faux Mink and Silk are both synthetic products. Although synthetic, they come in varying thicknesses so you can achieve the same softness as Siberian Mink.

Rest assured, Blush & Ivory only uses synthetic lashes.



What Is The Difference Between A Classic Set And A Russian Volume Set?

A classic set is when one eyelash extension is applied to every 1-2 of your natural lashes. With a classic set the technician can only work with what you have naturally. A classic set will make your lashes look longer, have a stronger curl, be slightly thicker, and are a more natural/mascaraed look. If you want a fuller look you will need a volume set. Blush & Ivory only offer volume sets.


A Russian volume set (also known as 2-6D lashes) is when 2-6 lashes are applied to one of your natural lashes. Volume lashes are made into a fan using specialty light weight lashes to give you a fuller and more dramatic look. A volume set is best suited for someone with few natural lashes or someone who wants a fuller, more dramatic look than can be achieved with a classic set. Volume lashes are softer and can be lighter than a classic faux mink set, they look better and fuller for longer, and they darken the lash line so can eliminate the need for eye liner and mascara. 



A lite set (2-3D) will give you a thick 'natural' natural as volume can be.

A medium set (3-4D) will give you a dramatic look.

A heavy set (5-6D) will give you a fluffy, dramatic look. 

Do Lash Extensions Require Maintenance?

Yes but the good news is they're LOW maintenance!


Ensuring you use an oil free makeup remover and cleansing your lashes is all the maintenance you need to do. LAC provides a care card after a set is installed so you can look after your lashes and get maximum wear time out of them.



"Great! Can I Have These Ones..."

Unfortunately everyone's natural lashes are different and each technician has their own application technique. Showing us a picture of your ideal lashes does not guarantee you can have them replicated on you.


The following factors are the reasons we do not work to a photo of someone else's work: 

*Your desired look will result in your natural lashes suffering

*You do not have the same amount of natural lashes as the model in the photo 

*If you want to only pay for a lite set but want the look of a heavy set

*The set will not suit you


These factors will be brought to your attention and a set that will suit you will be discussed prior to application.  


Your lashes are as individual as you are, let us create your individual look and own it!



I have always been drawn to a career in customer service. It’s what I love to do. Right out of school, I worked in reception, admin, hospitality and dental roles. After doing these for several years, I felt a change of pace was required and the perfect opportunity arose.


A best friend of mine was deciding to sell her eyelash extension business and I thought what a perfect time to move on from office work. Now I am a fully qualified lash technician, I made Lash Addict Canberra my own.


In the short time I’ve had the business, it has grown and I have a wonderful relationship with my clients. I am now so excited to now offer a new service such as teeth whitening with along with volume eyelash extensions.


We have also adopted a new name; Blush & Ivory Salon. We are so excited you have visited our website and taken the time to read about us. We would love to make you feel relaxed, beautiful and confident, so please feel free to contact us via phone or email for your consultation.

Don't be afraid to feel good about yourself.

Be strong and confident!